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Free Partition Magic (called PMagic)

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Posted 30 September 2007 - 07:10 PM

If you need to partition your hard disk here is a FREE Linux Partition magic Boot CD
you can use it for windows NTFS too


here is a free tool to Burn ISO images (needed for above) to CD-R

What is Dual Boot?
In this example, dual boot is when we have two operating systems residing on one computer and when we start the computer, we will be asked which operating system we want to boot into (you can only boot into one operating system at any one time).

An important thing to know is that Windows Vista will only install itself on a primary partition. So, when you install Vista and then when asked which partition to install it on you choose the C: drive where XP is already installed, Vista will ask if it can rename your Windows folder to "Windows.old." This is not what you want as you will lose your existing XP boot option.

To have dual boot work on your computer, you have to create another primary partition where Vista can sit alongside XP as another operating system (as opposed to the primary operating system).

If you do not already have a second primary partition on your hard disc, or you do not have a primary partition already set up on another hard disc we have to create another partition on your hard disc with a partition utility.

Partitioning utilities (like the one on the XP setup disk) delete all the data on the disk when they create new partitions, which is not exactly what we are after here. You can buy products like Acronis and PartitionMagic etc, which can create a new partition from the free space on your C: drive without deleting or corrupting the files currently on your drive.
Afterwards, create a "primary" partition on drive C: and then assigned the drive letter V: for Vista When applying the partition changes, the program your using will require a reboot while it sorts out things on your hard drive and creates a new empty partition.

When it has restarted, it will sort it out, once Windows XP is fully loaded go to My Computer and you should see the new drive V.

Now we can install Vista. Put the Vista DVD in a DVD drive and run the install program from there. When Vista asks which partition to install it on you choose your newly created V partition/drive as the installation location, and proceed from there. Vista will spend lots of time copying files and restarting your machine, but once this has all been completed and the Vista screen comes up, you will be able to set up your first administrative Vista user and go from there.

Now, once you restart your computer, you'll get a choice to boot into XP or Vista. One thing to note is that "Microsoft Windows" refers to Vista, and "Earlier version of Windows" refers to XP. The default choice is Vista, and you have 25 seconds to make another choice.

Choose your operating system of choice and proceed from here.

How to dual boot Vista and XP (with Vista installed first) -- the step-by-step guide
How to dual-boot Vista with XP - step-by-step guide with XP installed first

Regards Ben