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Advent Recovery Partition...

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#1 Houldey



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Posted 24 July 2006 - 05:59 PM


I posted a fortnight ago about opening my ADVENT 7060. I managed it, and have fixed the faulty power jack after ages of trying. I have put it all together and i get a message say 'Hard disk got knacked cuz you powered off or lost power etc' So i reinstall Windows XP PRO on it, in the partition that originally held XP HOME that came with it.

I install the drivers from the UTILITY CD for VGA, SOUND etc. But, having done all that is necessary no sound can be heard, the USB ports don't function and I keep getting HANGS when doing simple things like tryin to get the USB ports to recognise a simple device. The CPU seems to be 100%-ing often. It is a 2.8GHZ celeron D. So I don't see why it should be maxing out with me simply milling about on the desktop. I have applied thermal paste.

I know there is a clever recovery partition setup on the ADVENT 7060 which enables you to restore to factory defaults, but I think I have mucked it up. As I said I installed XP PRO on the partition that used to have the OS (XP HOME) on it. So is it now impossible for me to take advantage of the smart recovery thing? Pressing F10 at boot doesn;t seem to work. I can still see that the recovery partition is on the disk, I have made sure not to touch it. But it seems it is useless if you overwirte the OS partition, which seems a bit strange.

Is there any way I can interact with the strange (name of partition is -> :- ) redovery partition? I don't care about restoring to factory defaults, because I have XP PRO on a disk. But, it doesnt seem to like it, as like i said the sound ports and usb ports don't function. I guess it could be a recked motherboard, but I don't see how, and upon inspection the connections seems fine. I don't know aboutt he USB controller chip though, don't even know where that resides :D

Any help would be appreciated.

I read somewhere about another laptop where someone flashed the bios and this made the USB ports work. But that doesn't make sense, because they used to work with this FROM THE FACTORY bios, so why would a flash be required now? It's illogical.

Again, any help would be appreciated, even if it is bad news. Could a bad board cause the comp to run slow and crash? Oh MOBOs are too complex.

Help :D

Thank you and sorry for the long PowerOnSelfTest,


P.S. Was that a good joke? Or non, mon amis?...

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Posted 25 July 2006 - 12:17 PM

Im pretty sure you wont be able to get the recovery partition working as reinstalling windows may have damaged/wiped it.

you can download drivers from http://www.pcservice...a-c75af42afaa0}

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Posted 25 July 2006 - 08:12 PM

what ever you do
do not flash the Bios

your best bet is to get a set of recovery CDs for sum of 5 from Pcservices do not for get you need drivers update cd as well.
tell them Hard disk failed or some thing then they might give it to you free.
if it is under warenty remove the XP Pro which you have installed and take it to Pcworld .

or ring PCservices on 0870 901 3000
and they might post you a set of recovery cds

the theory at least for IBM (Lenova)computers is on this link:


basically there is a file manager which starts from Boot record and if boot record is altered it will not work
on IBM site they got a solution for it a floppy boot disk(bootManager.exe i have posted it on that link) that sorts it IBM their computer
I do not know about Advent it might not work with that as it looks for
" the lable of the recovery partitin must be IBM_SERVICE"